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  • Small Actions, Big Changes
    At Ephemrial, we believe that every company has a responsibility to do its part in reducing waste and protecting the environment. Our team of experts will work with you to create custom packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs, helping you minimize waste, reduce costs, and enhance your brand image.
  • Why Seaweed?
    Seaweed in many ways is a super plant for the environment. Unlike other biodegradable materials that require commercial composting processes, massive land and water use, and encourage harmful unsustainable practices, seaweed naturally grows in abundance around the world. Seaweed gets all of the water it needs from the world’s oceans and requires no land usage. In contrast, Polylactic acid (or PLA), the popular corn-derived “biodegradable” plastic, won’t break down unless it ends up in an industrial composting facility. Seaweed is also excellent for capturing carbon and presents an economic opportunity for struggling coastal communities around the world.
  • Earth Materials & The Future Of Commerce
    This is just the beginning. Today, we're focused on single-use plastic products, but soon we'll expand to other plastic items. From packaging materials to films and everyday plastic objects, we're working towards a future where biomaterials replace plastics, harmonizing with humans and nature. Our material is ideal for grocery chains, including produce bags, bread bags, deli and meat wrapping, frozen food packaging, bulk item bags, and sandwich bags. In the fast food and fast casual restaurant sectors, our bioplastic excels as burger wrappers, fry bags, disposable utensil packaging, straw wrappers, and hot drink stirrers.
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